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Welcome to Paulding County Spirits





I welcome any input concerning this site from the readers. Any stories, photos, or EVPs will be added to the site with the permission of the person submitting the information, along with their name, city and/or state, should you want recognition as being a contributor to the site.

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All EVPs, have come through two camera that I own, and one of my mom's cameras. Having been interested in the spirit realm, I often took photographs both indoor and out, hoping to capture an orb, veil, or other anomalies on my camera. Needless to say, I was totally amazed when in November or December of 2012, spirit started to communicate with me through my camera, and I was able to verify some names and things they told me through historical records and going to the local cemeteries, as well as the Ft. Worth Library that has a huge "Geneology Section". Since my story started out on a different website, you can see previous parts of the original experiences with the Long family, validated through records from the 1800s, as well as the EVPs posted on the Ethereal Thoughts website on the "Activity@Deb's #1 and #2 pages. You can visit the Ethereal site at: CLICK HERE!   Because of the almost daily communications I am currently receiving, we decided that it was time to create a site for current and future sessions.

Some of the EVPs are out of order, but now that I'm caught up with the hours and hours of sessions, each one will be uploaded as I get them. Reference has been made in some videos of prior ones referring to some of the original EVPs, so to hear names, ages, or other dogs barking, or relationship to one another, you will also have to see the original ones on the other site (which I refer to as a "sister" site).

I do believe that the Long family is trying to tell me not only who the family members were, but about their daily lives when they lived in my house, which was originally built by them in the mid 1800s.

On the occasions I asked questions, they seem to respond to me, but there are times when I just turn the camera on while I do my housework, or cook, and they just continue to speak during the ten minute sessions until my camera automatically turns off.

I hope you enjoy the EVPs and the history of the Long family, and other spirit communication as much as I do.

Lyrics to


I won’t forget one day that we have spent, and I won’t deny that you’re gone but we’ll meet in time. You breath, you speak through those who still BELIEVE that your strength, your song, your soul lives on and on. You’re gone but not forgotten, you’ll stay here in my heart, we will never be apart. I’ll try to be strong and stand tall and be brave, in your name, oh and I promise to make the best of what’s left and lead a meaningful life. You’re gone but not forgotten. You’ll stay here in my heart, we will never be apart.

Music by Danna Richards